PORSCHE Macan Rear Brake Pad Replacement

Reason for entering the factory: The car owner received a reminder message on the dashboard to the brake system, and an appointment was made for maintenance.

Solution: Replace the brake pads with genuine parts, maintain the brake calipers, and release the electronic handbrake.

Use genuine Porsche brake pads and brake calipers maintenance consumables
After the vehicle enters the factory for inspection and confirmation, the brake pad wear will trigger a reminder message when it reaches zero.

Engage electronic handbrake system release
Successfully arrived at the assembly location, ready to disassemble the command plate.

Model confirmation: Macan

Brake caliper cleaning
brake pad dock cleaning
Sliding pin cleaning
Use a dedicated lubricant for sliding pins maintenance.

Brake pad wear sensor + wear trigger reminder message
Choose genuine Porsche brake pads
Brake caliper torque installation confirmation
Before rust removal of wheel
Hub bearings have been derusted, zinc spray applied for rust prevention, and brake caliper maintenance and cleaning are complete.
Tire torque confirmation: 160N-m
The vehicle system has returned to normal operation + no fault messages on the dashboard.
Anti-theft screw removal tool returns to its position
Vehicle undergoes road test + checks tire pressure
Replace old parts: a set of rear brake pads + two brake sensor wires.
Thank you to the car owner for arranging for the vehicle to enter the factory for brake pad replacement.