Fiat 500 AC not cold

Reason for entering the factory: The car owner, stated that the vehicle needs regular refrigerant replenishment and has made an appointment to enter the factory for system leaking detection.

Solution: Replace the aged seal ring and refill the refrigerant to the specified quantity to resolve the air conditioning system leak.

Conduct system pressure leak test

It was discovered that there is a fluorescent reaction at the valve expansion site, indicating that there is a leakage phenomenon here.

The dismantled valve stem seal ring was found to have aging deformation phenomenon.
The system has confirmed a vacuum leak on the cold air pipe side, and the air-tightness of the system has been restored.
Query correct refrigerant amount 500g

After filling with high-purity DuPont refrigerant, the refrigeration pressure returns to normal.
Mileage Verification

Idling for 2 minutes, the temperature has dropped to 7 degrees, achieving excellent cooling effects.

Elegant and unique interior design
Equipped with a twin-cylinder 900cc turbocharged engine.

Thanks to the car owner, for providing sufficient time for air-conditioning repair.