Mercedes-Benz W205 C200 Engine Mounts Replacement

Reason for entering the factory: The car owner, made an appointment for vehicle inspection due to the vehicle’s idle vibration.

Solution: Replace the engine mounts and the transmission mounts.

Confirmed engine mounts were obvious sinking + unable to buffer engine operation generating vibration causing severe vibration sensation

Use genuine engine mounts + genuine transmission mounts

Use genuine factory parts
The engine mounts disassembly were smooth, and a comparison of new and old parts on the right side reveals that the old product has clearly sunk.
Engine mounts show signs of aging, represented by worn-out rubber and scratches on the bottom plate.

Obvious compression marks appear on the contact surface between the engine mount upper and engine mount base.
Torque confirmation for engine mount installation
Gearbox bracket disassembled smoothly
old and new comparison: ‘old product gap increased’
Close-up of the aging void of the gearbox bracket
After the transmission bracket is released, the rubber torsion pressure is released + torque confirmation is performed
Update engine mount to change engine height + confirm exhaust pipe bundle tightness
Replace old parts: two engine mounts + one transmission mount

Equipped with M274 engine.

Thanks to the car owner, for arranging the vehicle to enter the factory for vibration testing and maintenance.