BMW F40 118i Engine Maintenance + Rear Brake Pad Replacement

Reason for entering the factory:

The car owner, said that the vehicle’s instrument panel maintenance reminder warning light came on, so he made an appointment to bring it in for maintenance.

Solution: Follow the CBS maintenance items, engine maintenance + rear brake pad replacement , and perform a road safety inspection.

B38 engine maintenance precautions + oil fill 4.5 liters
Key Points When Installing an Oil Filter
B38 with gasoline micro-particle filter specification recommends using BMW LL17FE
Check the oil level before vehicle maintenance
B38 Engine Maintenance Package
Engine Oil Specification BMW LL17FE
OEM oil filter kit includes oil drain screw gasket + sealing accessories
Engine oil draining + perform vehicle safety inspection
Engine oil drain plug torque installation confirmation
Oil filter replacement , torque confirmation
Engine maintenance used spare parts
Clean and tidy engine oil plug.
German LM engine oil refill
Use genuine brake pads to ensure reliability.
Brake pad new and old comparison + obvious wear on the left side old pad
When installing the brake pads, pay attention to the inner and outer sides.
Brake master cylinder sliding caliper
Original factory brake pad update completed + brake caliper maintenance cleaning
Tire installation torque confirmation
Vehicle undergoes road test + system is faultless
Completed maintenance, engine oil level : full oil level.
Used rear brake pads
Genuine oil filter + Genuine rear brake pads
Engine room cleaning completed